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The following are actual emergencies that occurred and were handled by our property management team.

Case Study #1

At 8:30 on a Friday morning the property management office was notified that an automobile had crashed into one of our retail centers. Fortunately, the car crashed into an area of the building where there was a vacant suite, but the demising wall and store front of the adjoining store was damaged. The property manager immediately inspected the situation and worked with authorities to secure the building. Our team had the appropriate contractors to the building within 30 minutes of the accident, and the building was totally secured by early afternoon and the tenant was able to conduct business with little interruption.

Case Study #2

At 10 pm on a Friday evening, a six inch water main ruptured under the parking lot of one of our industrial buildings. The propery manager contacted the appropriate contractor and inspected the situation. Since the repair would not be completed until later the following day, notices were taped to the doors of all tenants in the building affected by the broken main, regarding the water being shut off, and where to go for restroom facilities in the building across the drive. Our staff maintained the temporary facility for the use of the tenants until the main was repaired the next day.

We received several phone calls from tenants involved in both these situations, thanking us for the quick and professional response to these emergencies.

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